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Why Tailor a Safari
with us?

A good reason for tailoring a safari is that you want something else than what's offered in pre-packaged tours. You may for example want to:

  • Travel with your family or friends only, not in a big group.
  • Travel on a date when there are no packaged tours.
  • Have a longer or shorter safari than the packaged tours.
  • Visit parks or places not included in packaged tours.
  • Stay in cheaper or more exclusive lodges and camps than offered in packaged tours
  • Fly parts of the safari route to avoid poor roads.
Cheetah enjoying the outlook from our vehicle

Cheetah enjoying the outlook from our vehicle

Where would you
like to go?

Do you want to go to Kenya? To northern Tanzania? To southern Tanzania? Both Kenya & Tanzania?

Check out our Safari Specialities:

Camping Safaris

The Joy of camping in the bush is being able to get off the beaten track and to experience the beautiful wilderness and nature first hand.

A camping safari with us is the ideal way to 'rough it' without having to worry about security, putting up and packing your tents, cooking or vehicle maintenance.

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Photo Safaris - Specialised Tours for Photographers

Kenya & Tanzania are dream destinations for both amateur and professional wildife photographers - rich color and good low lighting conditions abound.

Our photo safaris will take you to the heart of the region's best photographic locations; from the majestic snow-capped mountains, to wide open spaces of spectacular views.

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Classic Wildlife Safaris

Classical Wildlife Safaris bring you to the region’s finest wildlife sanctuaries, staying at comfortable safari lodges as you discover the world-renowned biodiversity of East Africa, plus a lot more!

Classical Wildife safaris are a more easy-going way to travel the bush and perfectly also suitable for the senior citizen or the mature traveller.

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Honeymoon Safaris

East Africa has always brought out the romantic in its overseas visitors, from the days of the early European settlers to the international travelers that now arrive daily from all parts of the globe. As a honeymoon destination the region today ranks among the top in the list.

Kenya and Tanzania boast an enviable range of dramatic landscapes inhabited by exotic and wild animals, and have a surprising number of paradise locations on the Indian Ocean coast.

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Mountain Climbing

We are committed to offering mountain climbing trips of unsurpassed quality throughout Kenya and Tanzania. Our mission is to assist climbers in achieving their personal goals, while experiencing the thrill of outdoor adventure travel.

Our guides are qualified with a long experience in trekking and climbing. They have all graduated from outdoor leadership schools and regularily participate in mountain rescue exercises and operations.

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Mountain Climbing

Bird Watching

Our bird watching tours bring back the very basics of birding; observing birds in their natural habitats in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Competent bird guides, an experienced selection of habitats and most of all flawless ground logistics are the hallmarks of our birding safaris.

We spend more time in the places we visit than most bird watching tour operators do!

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